How to Purchase

Click on "Buy Print | Card " at bottom of larger image on the right in any gallery. Several options on type, size and finish are available prior to placing the item in your shopping cart. Matts and frames are not available via the links under each image.

If you would like a print matted, please send that image as an ecard to me (fototaker at ) and I will send a quote. Please provide desired print size, outer frame dimensions, and mat color if other than white. For example: moonrise over snowy field 8x12 image for 12x16 frame, gray single mat. In most cases, ordering via the link and then taking the print to a framing shop local to you will provide a quicker end product and less postage and handling fees, and the specific gray mat you want between all the shades of gray.

Digital image pricing is based on use and length of time, please fill out the form that will appear when you click on "Digital" under the image and I will be in touch.

Click on "Card" under a print and you can purchase a 5x7 greeting card. If you would like 4.25x5.5 blank note card, please send that image as an ecard to me (fototaker at ) with the quantity desired, I will send a quote. There are also sets of "like" images availble, please check back for a link to them here.

Please feel free to "Share" an image with your friends or send them an "send eCard" of an image that perhaps sparks a memory.

I am also available for custom work and special orders if you are looking for a specific subject or special angle on something you see in one of the galleries or in your yard (depending on your location), or of similar subjects, please let me know at this email: fototaker at kpslezak dot com

Natural Nature Photography Disclaimer: Most images were taken in the 'wild' America I've been blessed to visit. Since I've not traveled beyond North America, any animals that are not native to our Continent, such as the Siberian tiger (Florida), or in rare circumstances other large cats and rare species, may have been shot in captivity. For example some captive images that may appear on the site were shot at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, Houston Zoo, St Louis Zoo, and Disney's Animal Kingdom. The Buffalo on Antelope Island (UT) roam free, but can't leave the island so some may consider them captive. I respect all wildlife and use the longest lens possible to not infringe on their space and cause them stress. The Bald Eagles were at Mendenhall Glacier outside Juneau, Alaska and were not captive in any way. Farm animals are all in pastures, paddocks or farm yards and are also not subject to undue stress when I am taking their pictures. It helps that I have bottle fed some of our cows and can walk among them calling them by name and swatting at flies.

I also do not set up any shots. I don't move vegetation or tree limbs, nor move rocks or bait wildlife. All shots are as you would see them driving down the same road or walking the same path. I heard a photographer at a symposium acutally brag about pulling a shrub out of a pool at the bottom of a waterfall to get the shot he wanted - that's not nature photography in my mind. I had someone ask me how I got the leaf to draw the circles in the snow oak leaf in snow
- I did nothing to set up this shot, in fact I had a hard time finding the right angle to take the shot without my shadow getting in the way and without creating footsteps in the snow.